5 Ransomware Threats to Know

Seubert and Selective Insurance Company will be hosting a webinar devoted to Risk Management Solutions Preventing Abuse.

This seminar will be hosted by Bill Tomlinson, Seubert’s Healthcare / Social Services Practice Leader, and led by Allison Paulson, AVP Community and Public Services for Selective. Her presentation is very informative and timely as insurance companies that are offering this coverage are shrinking and those that remain are implementing much stricter underwriting guidelines. We would like the session to be interactive and encourage everyone to ask questions for a more engaging session.

It is vital to promote a culture of safety within your organization to help protect the vulnerable populations you serve. The focus of this unique program will be to assist you to proactively manage your risk of physical and sexual abuse. Attendees will learn best practices in abuse or molestation risk management protocols in preventing incidents and false allegations. You will walk away with new knowledge of the steps in the risk management process and what tools and resources are available exclusively to Selective insureds.

We will cover the following topics:

  • Why is abuse an issue?
  • Why prevention policies are critical
  • Screening & selection best practices
  • Training best practices
  • Monitoring & supervision
  • Consumer participation best practices
  • Incident reporting & responding
  • Abuse prevention risk management resources available exclusively to Selective customers