Surety Bonding

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Time is Money

Tight margins mean that construction companies have no room for error when bidding jobs. Our experts are ready to get you the bonds you need to get to work, and they offer the expertise to help you expand in the future. We’ll guide you through the process, helping you decide where to allocate indirect costs, monitor overhead costs, review and adjust your rate based on estimates, and keep lines of communication open. Plus, your surety specialist will help you to manage your risk, anticipate issues, and improve processes to strengthen your operation.

Trust our experience

Three of our principals worked on the company side of the surety industry for over twenty years, so we understand the concerns of underwriters. We know what you need and how best to deliver it.

Rely on our relationships

In surety, relationships matter. We work hard to maintain an excellent reputation and close relationships at the bond companies we represent. We can provide access and negotiate rates for businesses of all sizes with our partners at more than twenty national and regional A-rated surety companies. We know which carriers to talk to based on your needs, and that will save you time, money, and aggravation.

Succeed with our service

Our bond staff is well seasoned and knows the idiosyncrasies of these time-sensitive, precision documents. Backed with state-of-the-art technology, we respond to your requests and deliver the bond you need with the greatest speed and accuracy to give you a competitive edge. One of the unique ways we can help is by offering no-fee online bid bond requests. It’s just one of the ways that we help you reduce the outside factors that can get in the way of your success.

Here’s what makes us the smart surety partner:

  • Reputation for integrity and service
  • Knowledge of construction accounting procedures
  • Understanding of contracts, finance and management practices
  • Solid relationships with surety underwriters
  • Involvement in construction and surety industry associations

If you’re ready to take your bonding to the next level, talk to the surety experts at Seubert.

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