Minimize Risk.
    Maximize Potential.

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    Employee Benefits

    Let us help you build a program that is good for your employees, and good for the bottom line.

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    Surety Bonding

    See how our reputation, knowledge, and relationships can keep your construction projects on track and on budget.

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    Business Insurance

    Most risk is easy to ignore – until it isn’t. Learn how our risk management solutions can help you avoid the dangers that can affect profits.

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    Personal Insurance

    We’ll help make sure all of your hard work pays off by protecting, managing, and growing everything that you hold valuable.

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    Seubert risk advisors lay the foundations for business growth.

    Seubert Risk Advisors

    We help businesses reduce risk exposure.

    You may have gotten where you are by taking risks. But long term, your success relies on managing risks. Trust Seubert business risk advisors to analyze the health of your business and identify the risk factors that are affecting your bottom line — before they threaten your business.

    We’ll introduce you to new tools and techniques to manage your risk. Plus, we’ll stand by you for years to come – helping you create a culture of risk reduction and long-term cost savings.

    Introducing our SHAPE Process

    Seubert Shape Wheel - Diagnose, Plan, Deliver, Modify
    Seubert delivers individualized solutions for each business. Our unique SHAPE process doesn't just ensure that you have the right coverage. It helps proactively avoid claims. It educates our team about your business so that we can align our risk management strategies with your goals.
    • Diagnose
    • Plan
    • Deliver
    • Modify
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    Seubert Shape Wheel - Diagnose, Plan, Deliver, Modify
    Brandom Mueller, Seubert CRM President
    “Our goal is to improve
    our client’s bottom line.”
    Brandon Mueller, CRM President