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SHAPE Process

The risk you know. And the risk you don’t.

Our focus is always to approach your individual risks and opportunities with individual solutions. And we’ve built our SHAPE process to educate ourselves about your business so that we can align our risk management strategies with your goals to proactively avoid claims.

To get your company into SHAPE, you need to understand your risks and have a plan to manage them. Risk can come from anywhere – tired employees, poorly designed workspaces, data breaches: basically every aspect of your business. But what makes risk so difficult to nail down is that the source of your risk is constantly evolving. That’s why you need a partner who’s dedicated to your long-term success and capable of developing a long-term risk strategy.

We begin with a diagnostic to find out what and where your risks are. A risk improvement plan prioritizes your risks and recommends services, process improvements and strategies to better manage these risks. Once implemented, we monitor performance and make modifications to reflect changes in your goals, ownership structure, personnel… anything that can impact future profits.

That may sound like a lot of steps, but remember, you’re relying on us. When you work with Seubert, we make managing risk as painless as possible so that you can focus on running your business.

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