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Hundreds of cars on a lot, viewed from above

A holistic approach that drives success.

Meeting the demands of your clientele while keeping up with fast-paced automotive technology is no easy feat. Seubert understands that auto dealers face unique issues, and our customized solutions around insurance, surety bonding, and employee benefits are designed around your individual business goals. Work with Seubert to assemble a comprehensive plan to improve your bottom line.

Constructio managers discussing a project

Building plans to maximize potential.

Construction is a high-risk industry, whether you're working on residential, commercial, or large-scale municipal projects. Seubert understands the complexities your business faces with high levels of competition, frequent workplace injuries, damage to company vehicles and equipment, and the abundance of compliance and regulations. Let us help you construct a risk management program that will give you a competitive edge.


A smarter way to mitigate risk.

Educators play a vital role in our community. However, they need the support of a comprehensive plan to mitigate a variety of risks and a holistic benefits package to attract and retain top talent. Seubert has the tools and resources to assist your organization run effectively, reduce risk, and drive success.


Solutions to keep you going.

Businesses in the energy sector have enormous responsibilities and a distinctive set of risks. Our expertise and support provide you with realistic solutions to reduce exposures. We work with you to develop a risk management program that best protects you and your people throughout every stage of the oil and gas process.

Engineer inspects a rail site

Designed to meet your goals.

Even the best-laid plans can go awry. While we can't predict every potential interruption, Seubert's innovative SHAPE process excels at identifying and managing exposures through a proactive, cyclical approach. Whether it's adjusting coverage on your general liability policy, maximizing your bonding capacity, or building out a robust employee benefits package, you can rely on the team at Seubert to analyze every detail and adapt to your unique business needs.


Managing risk for the environmental industry

Hazardous waste disposal, product testing violations, and inadequate emergency response procedures are among the many liability issues we have helped clients avoid.

Healthcare & Social Services

Keeping your bottom line healthy.

Uncontrolled risk drives insurance costs, creates uncertainty, and can devastate an organization. Seubert understands these challenges and has a holistic solution called SHAPE. Our proprietary risk assessment and comprehensive client education process improve lives and your bottom line. As a result, our clients successfully gain greater control over their future and confidently navigate a constantly expanding and evolving industry.

Person checking tolerances in machined parts

Optimize your risk management process.

The manufacturing industry faces a multitude of obstacles each day. Supply chain interruptions, cyber attacks, and labor shortages can make a devastating impact on your business' productivity. Don't let complex insurance policies and employee benefits management be an added hurdle in your operation. Instead, rely on Seubert's expert guidance and deep industry knowledge to assemble a proactive plan.

Public Entity

Helping protect those who serve us.

We partner with our clients to make them a better risk. To accomplish this, we assess and quantify exposures across your entire organization. With this data, Seubert's team produces tailored solutions and expert guidance on insurance placements, risk management services, employee benefits compliance, and employee engagement. Together we can control your overall cost of risk.

Real Estate / Development

Protecting your portfolio against risk.

In real estate and land development, execution of the upfront details can make or break the profitability of a project. We understand the importance of making sure your investments, and your people, are properly protected. From standard exposures, to complex and catastrophic risk, Seubert's experienced team offers comprehensive solutions that are tailored to help you minimize risk, and maximize potential.


Innovative solutions for your team.

No industry creates quite the buzz like technology. With a history of rapid growth, and numerous potential obstacles lurking, your team needs the support of risk professionals who can navigate complex scenarios as your business continues to evolve. From implementing strategic benefit solutions, to helping you make data-driven decisions on coverage options, you can rely on Seubert to deliver a plan to proactively manage all areas of risk.

Transportation & Logistics

Delivering customized plans.

There's a lot on the line when working with trucks, trailers, and cargo. No matter if you're a sole owner-operator or managing a large fleet, Seubert is here for the long haul. Our division of experienced transportation industry professionals are equipped to support you in all areas of your operation – from regulation concerns and improving safety culture, to retaining top talent and minimizing your insurance spend. Seubert's holistic strategy is designed to meet your unique needs and keep your business rolling.


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