Publish Date: August 6, 2018
Author: Seubert
Tags: Announcements

Seubert Headed for the Hill

Seubert & Associates, Inc., headquartered in Pittsburgh, announces a second location to serve and build the company’s brand in Greater Philadelphia and the District of Columbia.  Longtime insurance and risk management veteran, Daniel Seltzer, CPCU, will spearhead the endeavor and lead the expansion effort.  

“We have an opportunity to grow organically which will allow us to enter new markets with Seubert’s results driven approach.” said Brandon Mueller, president.  “Building by mergers and acquisitions is one option.  But, using our proprietary risk management assessments and alternative risk funding strategies, we have a proven foundation and a roadmap for addressing the needs of the Mid-Atlantic marketplace.”

Seltzer is a well-known insurance industry professional with over thirty years of guiding clients through complex property losses, working with client counsel to enhance contractual agreements, and developing innovative solutions to minimize risk, while building long term relationships based on integrity.  Seltzer’s portfolio includes strategic risk management and business development for industrial clients and real estate developers/owners.  

“We pride ourselves on understanding and solving the client’s exposures to loss, prior to suggesting the purchase of any insurance,” said Seltzer.  “Businesses are fluid entities.  We are on a journey with our clients.  Our managed risk counsel evolves as our clients’ business evolves – industry changes, technologies adapt, regulatory forces elicit new controls. With Seubert, we are going to manage, address and adjust risk assessment on an ongoing business.  Your business doesn’t remain static and neither do we.”

Seubert’s second location opened August 1, 2018 in the Franklin Square Building in Downtown Washington D.C. For more information about the new location, visit or call 412.734.4900.

Seubert & Associates, Inc., headquartered in Pittsburgh, is a full-service insurance agency specializing in medical benefits, surety bonding, industrial insurance, commercial insurance and personal insurance.  The company excels in specialized risk management assessments and alternative risk funding strategies with the goal of reducing risk while maximizing potential.