Publish Date: July 1, 2021
Author: Seubert
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National Health Observances for July 2021

National Cord Blood Awareness Month

The blood collected inside the umbilical cord after delivering a healthy baby is called cord blood. This leftover blood is rich with valuable stem cells, which can help in a variety of applications. July is National Cord Blood Awareness Month, meaning now is the time to learn about this critical resource.

After a healthy birth, mothers have the option of donating their cord blood to a public bank or keeping it for their family in a private one. When donated, this blood can help treat people with rare diseases and disorders. Due to its unique composition, there is no alternative to cord blood. Mothers are encouraged to learn more about cord blood donation and its potentially life-saving properties.

If you’re an expectant mother in her third trimester, speak with your doctor about the benefits of banking cord blood, either for your family or for someone in need—doing so could help save a life. Visit for more information.


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