CVSA Releases 2022 International Roadcheck Results

CVSA Releases 2022 International Roadcheck Results
November 1, 2022
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Recently, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) released the results of its 2022 International Roadcheck. This
inspection and enforcement initiative highlights the work of commercial motor vehicle (CMV) inspectors throughout North
America and acknowledges the compliance of motor carriers and professional drivers through the issuance of a CVSA decal on
eligible vehicles.

In total, 59,026 inspections were conducted in 2022 during the three-day initiative. Approximately 76.9% of the CMVs
examined had no out-of-service (OOS) violations. However, 8,718 vehicles were removed from the roadways for OOS
violations, and 3,118 drivers were deemed unfit to perform their duties.

The CVSA places a different emphasis on the International Roadcheck each year. The specific focus in 2022 was on wheel ends.
Out of the top 10 vehicle OOS violations, tires ranked second, and wheels came in seventh. In total, there were 3,227 OOS tire
violations, accounting for 19.4% of OOS violations, and 721 OOS wheel violations, accounting for 4.3% of OOS violations.

Specifically, the five most common OOS vehicle violations in the United States found during the International Roadcheck
inspections were braking systems – 3,992 (24.0%), tires – 3,227 (19.4%), defective service brakes – 2,142 (12.9%), lights – 2,084
(12.5%), and cargo securement – 1,647 (9.9%). Meanwhile, the five most common violations that resulted in a driver being put
out of service included false logs – 1,901 (45.0%), wrong class license – 1,045 (24.7%), suspended license – 251 (5.9%), no
medical card – 222 (5.3%), and other (e.g., moving violations, cellphone use) – 205 (4.9%).

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