Publish Date: December 9, 2022
Author: Seubert
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ATRI’s 10 Critical Trucking Industry Challenges From 2022

There is a myriad of exposures that can impact a motor carrier’s drivers and bottom line. To ensure the safety of drivers as well as the continued success of a fleet, it’s critical to reflect on the most pressing issues affecting the trucking industry on a regular basis. To aid in this process, the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) recently published a report, Critical Issues in the Trucking Industry – 2022, highlighting the major challenges motor carriers across the country faced in 2022.

With the help of key stakeholder groups, ATRI compiled a comprehensive list cataloging 28 of today’s most pressing trucking challenges. This list was presented to over 25,000 industry contacts, and respondents were asked to select and rank the issues impacting their fleet the most. Beginning with the most critical issues, this year’s results were as follows:

  1. Fuel prices
  2. Driver shortage
  3. Truck parking
  4. Driver compensation
  5. Economy
  6. Detention/delay at customer facilities
  7. Driver retention
  8. Compliance, safety, accountability
  9. Speed limiters
  10. Lawsuit abuse reform

As part of the report, ATRI also highlighted potential strategies to address these issues, and survey respondents were asked to rank them based on how effective they believed they would be. For example, in response to record-high fuel prices, a popular proposed action was to stabilize the nation’s fuel supply through federal action.

ATRI’s report can be particularly useful for organizations when it comes to identifying risks they may not have otherwise considered. Additionally, given that the report includes suggested solutions to industry challenges, motor carriers have a variety of potential policies they can implement to safeguard their fleet.