Surety Bond

The right bonding can enhance your competitiveness as a contractor, and be an asset to your business rather than a hindrance. With over 300 active bond accounts and a heritage in the surety bonding sector, Seubert offers an unmatched level of expertise and service to the construction industry.

While other agencies care more about selling, we focus on finding ways to maximize the bonding capacity of our clients. Our Surety Bonding services will provide you with competitive rates and maximum limits to ensure that you are able to win new projects, maintain work programs, and maximize profitability.

A Partner in Your Business

Your ability to secure a bond program encompasses more than a sound balance sheet. It’s the quality of management, which over time avoids risks and creates a foundation for success. That’s why our goal is to develop a long-term personal relationship with each client in order to understand your business so that we can apply our knowledge and skill to help improve your operations.

Experience that Makes a Difference

Seubert is unique in that three of our principals came from the surety bonding sector. Our in-depth knowledge of how surety companies evaluate your business puts us in a unique position to secure the best possible terms and conditions for your surety program.

Relationships that Serve You Well

Our staff averages 21 years of experience and maintains strong relationships with over 20 national and regional
A-rated surety companies. We are long-standing members of numerous industry and trade associations that impact your business, allowing us to provide the highest level of consultative services. Clients often seek our help to find construction-oriented accounting firms, attorneys or lenders, a sign of our trusted relationship.

The Ability to Respond Quickly

Bonds are time-sensitive, precision documents that require expert processing and support. Our bond support staff is well seasoned and knows the idiosyncrasies of bond issuance inside and out. They are backed with state-of-the-art technology, including industry-leading SurePath® bond management software and the ability to process online bond requests.

Depth of Products

As a full service agency, we also offer safety training, employee benefits, and workers compensation programs, all designed to help you build and grow a successful business.

Let Seubert help make your bonding work for you.  For more information, contact us.