Loss Prevention Partners

Seubert has a partnership with Loss Prevention Services (LPS) and its affiliated company, Secure Screening Group (SSG) to provide high quality risk control consulting and services to our clients.

Loss Prevention Services (www.lpsafety.com) is an independent consulting firm established to provide safety and regulatory solutions to business and industry. Accident reduction methods and post-accident cost control techniques help give our clients the “competitive edge” needed to be successful in today’s marketplace.

LPS develops long-term relationships with clients looking for permanent and positive change in their safety culture. Clients of LPS realize a reduction in their experience mod (EMR), a higher level of regulatory compliance, post-accident cost control methods, and a safety culture that allows them to be the vendor-of–choice in their marketplace.

Solutions run from traditional (audits, program development and implementation, training, safety committee development and Workers’ Compensation Claims Management) to leading edge (organizational development, behavior-based safety methods, and risk assessment). LPS offers a variety of safety training courses in both online and onsite formats, including courses in both OSHA 10-Hour and 30-Hour certifications. 

With clients representing an assortment of industries including construction, manufacturing, service, nursing homes, groceries, utilities, trucking, etc…, the LPS staff is certified, qualified and prepared to provide clients quality services that yield the highest return on their investment.

Secure Screening Group (www.securescreeninggroup.com) is a full-service TPA company that offers drug and alcohol testing as well as a complete menu of employee background searches. The firm is certified to perform all Federal or state required employee and supervisory drug and alcohol abuse prevention training. Whether the need is for a private company drug testing program under the Drug–Free Workplace Act, DOT Consortium membership, or a state worker’s compensation discount incentive drug testing program, SSG can provide the expertise needed to be fully qualified.

Loss Prevention Service and Secure Screening Group can be reached at 724-898-2237.